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    I saw that there are a number of Linux users here that are using this software and thought I would at least try out the demo version. Normally I only buy native Linux programs, ports are definatly second best imho.

    Problem is that codeweaver reports that the install .exe contains a virus and refuses to execute it, which is a much safer way than windows does it, runs the program installs the virus and says 'oops' but what I want to check is does the program have a virus or not, if not then I will try another emulator to get it running.

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    If you downloaded the ArtRage 2 Free installer from it definitely does not have a virus. However if you got the installer from somewhere else it would definitely pay to do a virus scan before installing.

    (Actually it pays to scan everything anyway!)
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    Yes I d/l it from Artrage site, so I tried wine now and get error R6034 Application made an attemp to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Guess I have to do a bit more tinkering

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    Could you post your linux distrubution, etc errors, etc in the linux forum string. I currently use ArtRage under Wine on Kubuntu. It works for me this way.


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