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Thread: Great Learning help!

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    Great Learning help!

    I'm new to ArtRage. Have done some digital painting in the way-past (Painter). Really, really beginning to love ArtRage!! After viewing almost all the YouTube videos, I recently found a site - Digital Art Academy. Although they deal mainly with Painter and Photoshop, they do have 2 courses using ArtRage. These are really "open registration" which means you get all the videos and information previously recorded and go at your own pace. I purchased the first course (about $40.00) and downloaded the information. If the first video is ignored, (about an hour of getting people online), the other videos are very informative. There are a lot of tips and work-alongs. You will learn. I should also say that these 2 courses deal with the watercolor portion of ArtRage. Just putting this out there for all the other newbies.

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    I agree. And Karen Bonaker is a great teacher.

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    You are so right, well worth the money, although due to bad things happening ,I was not able actually participate . Karen is great and it seems she has generated some spinoff of more tips,etc. well worth it, Thanks Karen

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