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Thread: crashes over and over on the new ipad using the spreader

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    crashes over and over on the new ipad using the spreader


    This is really bad. I just bought the 700$ new iPad for the main reason that it may better handle the processing power needed for your app. It turns out that all issues are still there even with the latest hardware. Right now the app is crashing over and over even just after rebooting the iPad. You got a 100% chance of an instant crash using the spreader tool.
    These crashes combined with a non-existing auto-save functionality is highly frustrating and actually destroying my already created artworks with every single crash.

    Somehow it is really hard to believe that I got no improvements at all by changing from a 1st generation device to much more powerful 3d generation one. Except for the additional speed and resolution.

    I really appreciate your work - but the main goal should now become to make this thing really stable...

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    It sounds like a problem relating to the fixes we submitted to the store last week, although that normally relates to Undo rather than direct crashes. The new update should be available in a few days as soon as the App Store review process is complete. In the meantime, please make sure you have cleared out memory and rebooted following the instructions in this thread:

    That may help in the meantime in case there is a memory issue.
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