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Thread: Need help drawing clean, precise black lines

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    Need help drawing clean, precise black lines

    I like to draw pictures involving black smooth curves. See the attachment for example picture.

    Currently, in Art Rage studios, I have been using the ink tool to achieve this. However, I find it to be very difficult, a lot more difficult than with physical tools. I keep hitting ctrl z over and over again until I finally achieve a passable curve. The smoothing factor does help a little, but the problem is that it doesn't only "smooth" the line, but also "alters" it a lot. If I for example draw a circle, I end up with a lot smaller circle than what I actually drew.

    So, does anyone know an effective way to draw such smooth lines ? Or what techniques you use?
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    I believe you can get the lines you want by opening up the settings pod when in the ink pen tool. By setting the smoothing to 0% you may find that stops AR from altering the lines you are trying to draw.

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    Yes. I use presets like Harsh Multiply with 0% for Smoothing and prefer it much much more compared to the presets.
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    Hi Randolf, I have to go to the upper tool bar and use the blur tool-just a fraction. I will duplicate the layer and try different effects, such as watercolor and merge with the original layer.

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