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Thread: Jot Touch - need better variation

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    Jot Touch - need better variation

    I would like to use my new Jot Touch more effectively with ArtRage on iPad. I'm not seeing a lot of degrees of touch sensitivity at this point. Id like to be able to see many levels of noticeable size and/or dark-light variation while using the Jot Touch. Any information about this would be appreciated!

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    Maybe this will help a bit. I posted it a while back in general chat but it apparently wasn´t seen. It explains about how the pressure sensitivity works and mentions ArtRage as well.
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    The Jot Touch only has around 100 levels of pressure sensitivity so there can be some granularity when using it. The best way to get a smooth progression is to reduce the base pressure of the tool you're using (which is 50% by default). This reduces the 'low' level of pressure for the tool and helps smooth out some of the stepping you can see when using a device that has a small pressure range.
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