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Thread: More brush shapes

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    More brush shapes


    Just bought ArtRage2, and I think it's great! There's a couple of things I'd like to see in future releases that would make my experience better...

    1. More brush shapes. Oil brushes come in flat, round & fan shapes, and these would be great to use. Brush angle on these would be cool too!
    2. Brush softness - this would help with blending.
    3. Blending stumps
    4. Marbleing (although I can't for the life of imagine how you would implement that!)

    Kudos to you all!

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    Hey hypervox! Welcome aboard... I'm new here to the forums myself but have been using ArtRage for awhile. It's a nice blend between simplicity and flexibility, and I hear what yer saying some of these are features a much more complicated program like Corel Painter (which has an oddly unorganic interface) has.

    Marbling is especially appealing to me.

    I almost wish sometimes that I could drip water onto the canvas, or to have a "finger" tool that I could swirl around... digital finger-painting and all that.

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Not had much experience in water colours, so the dripping water thing escapes me - I paint in oils at home, and yes, I'm a Bob Ross nut.

    Now the finger painting...Oh Yes, that would be good! The big thing for me though, is blending. If that could be sorted out, Corel's days would be numbered I tell ya, numbered! :wink:

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