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Thread: Watercolor Tool update ... Thanks ...

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    Watercolor Tool update ... Thanks ...

    ... to the AR team for updating the watercolor tool so that the paint is visible all the way through the stroke and at the same speed as the stroke ... still playing with it, but thanks again! ...

    ps: was it always a feature of the w/c tool that a brush stroke laid down rapidly, say from left to right, continues for almost the full length of the original stroke if the brush tool is lifted abruptly from the screen? ... a sweeping brush stroke then results in an unintentionally lengthened stroke ...
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    The changes we made to the watercolour should make sure that the stroke continues along the entire length of the stroke from the first input point we're sent to the last, so a sweeping stroke that sends us input points at its very end may look longer than the intention, depending on how the iPad calculates where the last finger impression was. We changed the system to make sure that releasing the touch early didn't suddenly terminate the watercolour stroke where it was at the time, but continued on to that point.

    The original problem we had on the Retina iPad related to screen updates, oddly enough - The tool was working about as fast as it always had, but screen updates were not happening so it appeared locked, and it didn't complete stroke processing when the finger was raised.

    Glad to hear it has been improved!
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