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Thread: Don't Worry...I Have It

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    Red face Don't Worry...I Have It

    A crisis doodle.
    When my Dad was ill and I was on the phone with my family...there were times that doodling helped me cope with the pressure.
    I want to work on this one a bit more for a card. I know there are times when we all feel as if we are handling "too much or everything" so with this I wanted to add a little comic relief.

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    What a brilliant idea and execution! Very close to the a final version too.
    Sometimes it seems that the whole world is on Your shoulders (as it was on those of the titan Atlas) or the sky may fall on Your head (the only possibility scaring Asterix and his Gauls mates in the relevant comics).
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    You nailed it young lady! Great interpretation. (altho the world should probably be about twice that big )
    Great job Sandy.
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    Is that you getting a text message? Wanna get that? And could you get me a cup of coffee, thanks ever so. . . Eye on the ball kid. Don't drop it.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Wonderful expression of how you felt dear Sandy, very nice job

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    Sometimes life can be very heavy, and I am glad you get some release in your art...very well done Sandy :-)
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    I would hardly call this a doodle

    dear is a wonderfully realized visual and emotional statement...outstanding

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    That is really good Sandy.

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    Wonderful painting and very well done
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    Dear Cesare, I could not help but think of you when I drew this! The Atlas association and your fantastic mythological drawings. I began this on a notepad and fell in love with her and had to copy it onto the artrage program. Not as cute as my note paper doodle, but you know how it goes some times...we end up getting carried away and don't want to change it as if it is a live character. This one like the skinny kid I once was running around bare footed in the grass. There were a few times my poor Dad had to take me to the ER because of it!

    Oh you are so right Mike. Whoa, how we carry it around sometimes. Thank you dear friend!

    D Akey, that is all I was getting. Beep beep...a message, my heart would jump out of my throat, and the stress levels...through the roof. I did drop the ball though...on June 26th...the world stopped spinning and crashed all around us.

    Thanks dear Pat. I should draw a baby though, as that is what I feel like. One minute...strong, the next weepy.

    Thanks dear Steve, I am sure you were holding the universe.

    You are so kind Gary. Thank you dear man.

    Thank you Geoff, now I will work on it to clean it up a little here and there to offer as a card.

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