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Thread: Looking for some commands-- global shift of color/brightness, flatten image, etc.

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    Looking for some commands-- global shift of color/brightness, flatten image, etc.

    I'm trying to do two things at the end of painting, and I can't find the commands for them.

    1) I want to adjust the color/brightness of the painting globally, while I have layers. Not one layer at a time, but for the painting as a whole. Can this be done?

    2) I want to flatten my image. Not merge my layers down, not make a jpeg, just flatten the image to one layer where that one layers looks just like it did before I flattened it. Can this be done, or do I have save it as a jpeg or a png?

    3) I want to share a script, but it's too big (18mb). Is there a way to shrink the script? And what's the max size I should be uploading onto these boards?
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    Hi Steve,

    The adjustments for color / brightness are per layer only so unless you flatten the painting first that's not possible in ArtRage.

    That sounds like what 'merge all layers' is intended to do ( menu button bottom right of the layer panel or Layer Options -> Merge all Layers ), with the caveat as in Photoshop that there are some very rare cases where changes occur if some types of blend mode combinations are used. Let me know if I misunderstood this one. This item can have keyboard shortcuts attached to it in the Layers section of the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.

    Attachments in general for the ArtRage forums are capped at 500kb in size. Scripts can get pretty large if you've been painting for a long time or have added resources ( like including the original painting, using stencils and so on ). However the bulk of them should be pretty highly compressible if you archive them e.g. zip or rar. Due to malware risks we don't support generic filetypes like these on the forums unfortunately. However if you have any hosting you could add a link to a post and share them that way.
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