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Thread: Undo function not working

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    Undo function not working

    I have just updated the program on the iPad and the undo function has stopped working with the palette knife.

    Edit. I have tried with some of the other tools and it only work going back two or three undos before it stops.
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    Have you tried closing all parked apps and re-booting? The ’Speed & Memory’ AR iPad help page has instructions how to do this.

    Edit: for the answer to this question see this thread
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    We've identified a problem with undo which occurs if you make a stroke, then make a second stroke while the first is completing. Undo works until it hits this combination of strokes, then has a problem. An update has been uploaded to Apple to correct this, along with a couple of other problems and should be available in a few days once it's passed their review process. Sorry for the trouble!
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