I just ordered a wacom tablet with bundled AR Studio. Very excited to see what I can do.
The reason I am posting this though is to see if there is anyone interested in a Forum topic focused on actually making a living with their ArtRage works of art. (An old 'joke' about dentists says that aspiring dentists talk about techniques and equipment while professional dentists talk about money.) That seems to apply to most professions and art produced with AR seems to be no exception.
I hope to be able to earn a handsome living through my talent coupled with AR and would like to hear how others are doing as well.
My plan is to volunteer with a local museum to design some posters and background displays for them and then use those as promotional pieces to approach chambers of commerce and visitors bureaus, etc. for promotional artwork in the style of vintage travel posters. I also have a series of calender art ideas, but that seems less targeted.
Anyway, I thought it would be awesome to hear others ideas on how to make a living at this. (I found out that the highest paid professionals until the 1990s in the US were illustrators. We should be able to get a little of that mojo.)