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Thread: Resolution / DPI

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    Resolution / DPI

    Hey there,
    I am going to be using ArtRage to create a base image, which I am going to import into photoshop to make color and other adjustments. Ultimately, this piece will be printed as the cover for a yearbook and I need the images to be at a minimum of 300 resolution. What would be the best way to go about catering to this resolution in ArtRage? Seeing as how it only seems to be able to export resolutions of 72.

    Do I just make the image obscenely large? How do I do make sure that when I import it onto a 300 resolution canvas in photoshop that it matches?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Just a thought ...

    I'd probably recommend you create a blank Photoshop document at the size and resolution you need, then import that document into ArtRage as your starting template.

    Otherwise, you COULD mathematically work out how many pixels tall and wide you need to create a canvas to ultimately match the size and resolution you need .... but this way is a lot easier and more foolproof, I'd think.

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    This is a question that has been raised frequently, and I'm sure Artrage team will be adressing this issue in the next update or two...

    What I would do is this:

    Measure the height and lenght of the yearbook cover in inches. Multiply those inches with 300 and you have the pixel numbers that your painting has to be in to allow for the print quality you want.

    thus: if the yearbook is 12" by 10" you will need a canvas of 3600x3000. When the painting is done take it into photoshop or another likeable program. Set the painting to 300dpi without rescaling and you are set for print...

    Yeah, that would be neat to be able to do within Artrage, but for now that is how we have to do it.

    Hope that helps
    Lead Concept Artist - NDS Denmark

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