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Thread: The Weeping Tree

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    A most emotive painting dear Sandy painted with love and wherever you look there is love.
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Thank you Gary. He was a complex person in many ways, and not an open person at all. His ways of showing love were bringing flowers, trees, and a call with how are you doing. The conversations were never long, but he let you know he loved you and cared for you in his own way. He brought me so many beautiful plants, trees, and flowers when my kids were babies. Now I am able to enjoy these beautiful big trees and huge shrubs. I've fallen in love with landscaping and inherited a bit of his love for carpentry, carving, and design.
    As far as Aurora and the tragedy...I was blown away. I was born there. Too much of this is happening in our country. Every thing has roots though, and the family unit and any connection and stability

    Thank you Geoff. I am finding through research that I have more in common with the Cherokee than I thought. I am researching my lineage and hope to find my great great grandmother's name and more about my ancestry.

    Thank you Mike. I don't know if my father had any Cherokee relatives, but he seemed very much like the Cherokee. I have been working on his family genealogy too. He was always walking through the woods finding potential walking sticks, carving, and knew what was safe to eat, and not...he was a mountain boy, a coal miner, and like you later a trained soldier, then to have the toughest job...a Daddy to four girls and a boy.

    Hi Bob, Thank you for your beautiful comment. I have always felt that everything is relative, and have taught my kids this very thing. When my son was finally able to speak from all that happened to him I explained to him that the trees are here because of us and we are here because of them. I explained what we breathe is what they exhale and what we exhale they breathe. Their skin is not so different from ours. When a neighbor asked how I grew my roses and why my grass was so green, I told him not to kill his dandelions. That these were the most nutritious plants not weeds for both people and the earth-pull them if they bother him and put them in a compost, but I just cut them with the grass. All things work together. I wish I had known about pesticides and vaccines, blood titer tests and immunity long before I had children. Ignorance is not bliss, but tragedy. There is no excuse for not learning how to take care of oneself. I look into everything now before I accept a persons word. Maybe a feeling that the Cherokee people have today.

    O-si-yo Wita, wa-do. (hello Peter, thank you)
    I am adding another fun to do to my list. I want to learn tsalagi as I trace my lineage. I have found CD's and books and various things on you tube. This will be fun gv lv quo di Wita.(dear friend Peter). I know you had an amazing father from this time also. An incredible time in history. Again, thank you or wa do!-XO-

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    Sandy- This is one of your best (for me). Loss can stir some awesome reactions in us. My grandfather taught me many things, among them that the basis for aspirin is found in Willow trees for instance. You can chew on a small piece of branch to release the compound . My grandma showed us that the same small piece of branch could be substituted for a toothbrush (with a bit of Baking soda)
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    I like this painting this painting and the emotion around. Very well done
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    Pat and Steve, thank you dear friends for your kind comments, I truly appreciate them.

    Dearest Cesare, you are too kind. Many thanks dear mate.

    Thank you dear D Akey. I do feel just this. Exactly. Thank you dear man and dear friend.

    Oh Katie, thank you dear lady. Yes, this is indeed with love. I can honestly say that I loved my Dad so so much.

    Thank you dear Skylar. My grandmother had a weeping willow that we all played near and for some reason seemed such a place of peace and healing. She too would chew on parts of the tree and explained the natural pain reliever and other benefits of the willow. And the tooth brush with baking soda...much better than the thyroid killer we all use.

    Thank you dear Ken. Now I am feeling so much of the loss that you've felt. It is like a terrible storm where I am sailing alone with no sail.

    Thanks so much Sabena. So many feelings at this time. Always good to see you and I love your recent explorations-great styles!

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    Stirring, heartfelt, passionate and a powerful piece that
    tenderly embraces one of our more uncomfortable to reveal

    The artistry and is absolutely eloguent to behold!
    Mairzie Dotes

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    Love this work Sandy. One of your best!
    Silvia Bandini

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