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Thread: Can you lock brush rotation?

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    Question Can you lock brush rotation?

    I want to do some Bob Ross-style speckle painting.

    If I did that in real life, that'd look like me taking a physical brush, dipping it lightly into some paint, and then dabbing the end of the brush on the canvass repeatedly so, instead of a brush stroke, you get little paint speckles.

    Is there a way to easily do this in ArtRage? ("Easily" being the key word.) I'd like to be able to do it with both the oil brush and maybe the pallet knife (and maybe other tools, too; it's a nice option).

    It can certainly be done in ArtRage (you just pick up the oil brush and click it once on the canvass, move the brush, then repeat as desired), but it's not easy because the brush rotates all the time. If there was a way to lock the rotation of the brush such that, when we hold down a key the brush stayed at the angle it is at until we stop holding down the key, creating a speckle effect with an oil brush would be much easier and more fun.

    I attached an image to show you what I mean.

    I'm using ArtRage 3.5.2 Studio Pro.

    I learned that I can lock the rotation with the pallet knife, but it still needs the more advanced option of being able to get the knife at a certain angle, hold down a key, and have it lock at that angle until you let go of the key you were holding (which is very intuitive and easy to do). I can change the rotation with a dial (which is an important setting to have), but it's not easy to do and not as intuitive as being able to just hold down a key and have it lock at the angle you had the knife at. (I understand it's important to show the option on the interface, but it'd still be nice if there was a "lock rotation" shortcut key that functions as I just described.)

    And the feature doesn't seem to be available for the oil brush (unless I'm missing something).
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    Hi Bruce

    Use the sticker brush instead. Select the sticker tool, then in the Presets menu, go to Group> "art brushes", and select something that gives you the effect you want. There are a number of bristle choices. Many of those have fixed rotation by default, and if not, can be adjusted in the spray settings. That should achieve the effect you want better than the oil brush.

    Many more custom brushes for the sticker tool are available in the Art Supplies forum.
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