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Thread: Just some thoughts on this forum.

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    Exclamation Just some thoughts on this forum.

    Just some thoughts on this forum.

    • It is an anglo-american centered forum. Not African, Asian or Latino. Not much European either. Most anglo-american, maybe 99%.
    • Most members almost never write in the forum. Some, a limited number, do a lot of writing. Maybe as much as 10 times a day. Some almost never.
    • It is very much a social forum for old people (myself being 63 Everyone is very friendly and says only that everything is good. Always good. No bad things.
    • Technical aspects on using ArtRage are most common. Very little on artistic issues in general like content, expression, intellectual approach, gender and sexism, composition, color, texture and so on
    • It is a forum for amateurs (like me) and hardly ever a pro shows up here.

    Just some of my thoughts as I wrote

    What do you you think about my thoughts?

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    Why do people gather anywhere? Answer that and you answered yourself.

    Primarily they sell and promote ArtRage software here. I find this a heck of a lot more fun and human than hanging at the Adobe site for example. You want a site that focuses on technical things, that's a good example of a heavily technical site. Same with Apple.

    For those promoting themselves, the professionals you mention, I think they go to places more like Deviant Art or various sites where they can market their work. There are some pros still around here.

    And there are people who come here with less experience in Art and don't talk in great detail because it's not their area of expertise yet. I don't speak about the fishing is Sweden because it's not my thing. I would probably enjoy it immensely, but I don't know a thing about it. So I would say very little except maybe admire other people's sporting efforts, and boats and equipment and admire pictures of their catches and so on.

    The site goes through waves of people from everywhere, and there have been times in which people spoke about everything. Often times people got offended and argued to a point of ugliness, and even some serious threats, and why would anyone want to put up with that. Why would an art software developer want little petty wars in their place of business?

    But if your post was in order to make a point, could you be more plain?
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    You pretty much have it spot on there old chap. I think it's a great place to spend some time and have made some good friends here. I think the reason that there is a more mature demographic frequenting the forums is due to the pleasant atmosphere. There have been instances where people have misjudged and have offered harsh criticism or attempted adolescent baiting but they don't stay long. Due partly to self policing and mostly to the Rageboys keeping a close eye on things. As for pro's there are a notable few but then Artrage hasn't really broken into the Pro market 'yet', which is the pro market's loss.

    As for the demographic I think that has a lot to do with the way Artrage works, the tools all have a 'real' feel to them that appeals to traditional artists and the less computer savy. That said if the Rageboys produced a 'MangaRage' edition with just the Ink Pen and Fill tools we might see more younger people here.

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    Well, I can think of some professionals who come here - Nick Harris is only one of them... Then there are others who are on the cusp and it's exciting to watch their talent grow, I am continually fascinated by talent as it is quite independent of age, culture or creed.

    Its nice having it all mixed up together, amateurs and some pros alike... sometimes I feel defeated, and then other times just inspired - one can learn a lot from all, depending on the frame of mind.

    I don't care one bit if it's not 'an African forum' as from my point of view I like other influences. From my point of view, I don't need to feel @home&cosy here (I need to feel inspired) - however I do like that this is a very friendly group.
    Some of the 'younger' forums spend a lot of energy mentally flexing muscles and jostling for position amongst the Art fraternity, which can be boring IMO.

    I do like insightful and critical input (which is why I appreciate D.Akey's input for one example), but it's always good to get feedback from any perusing similar interests. A problem being that sometimes if one expresses 2honest-felt thoughts, you are likely to inadvertently offend someone... and I am unpopular for this trait. But then I can always just shut-up I don't need to share my opinions - I remain interested in art, not politics
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    My response..
    i don't know how to tell Anglo-American. My experience says I'm mostly wrong when I try to guess this type of analysis. .... Most members don't write: very true, I forum: nah, not for me. I am selfish and post cause I want something ( others input or feedback )....little artistic issues: unsure as I'm still Kelly for amateurs: yeah, maybe, maybe not.

    Personally, I am a "creative ADD /ADHD" person. A sensor in non stress (decider in stress). I bought AR (MAC) to make political cartoons-got a few published then realized I stink at drawing. Some Jack Hamm books helped (students at joe Kubert helped out). But a true artist I "ain't". I fell in love with Fred Harper's work for The Week and found out he paints his stuff with gouache; 2 day deadline and photoshop touch up. That's not me. (I literally spent weeks trying to sketch a cartoon of g. Bush taking an eye test, where the dr asks "read the letters, please". (the letters were P E A C E). As his head was in the eye machine he responds, "W A R"). Tons of these come to my sick head but I can't get them on paper quickly or easily. Yet it is plain fun for me to think of them.

    This forum has already helped me on my latest creative ADD quest. my day job (AFL / CIO member) has absolutely no computer involvement. Some people I work with have never used a computer and don't want to. Yeah, that is true. They nicknamed me johnnyapp cause I took a course on IOS, became an Apple Developer, and have been playing with an app I put in my iPhone. I want to put an picture book on my iPad as my latest creative adventure.

    This forum is one way I get off my island of misfit art skills in hopes King Moonracer finds a way for me to be freed. I really appreciate the forum.

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    As an old guy myself, and someone who has recently started trying my hand at art after many years of retouching in p/s ,this forum is a comfy place for me to grow and to learn more about art from the many members who make me drool with their excellent work. Everyone is so willing to share their knowledge and I feel I learn so much from this.
    Where members are based does not matter to me as long as we can understand each other.
    I always look forward to my daily visits and would not change a thing.

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    It's a nice forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Twaager View Post
    • It is very much a social forum for old people (myself being 63 ). Everyone is very friendly and says only that everything is good. Always good. No bad things.
    As I said: everyone is very friendly. It's a nice forum. IMHO I am lucky having learned English in school (as well as German and French) so I can take part in this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twaager View Post

    What do you you think about my thoughts?
    This forum is a place for any user of ArtRage to share their experiences in using the AR program, and to learn more about it. No one is being kept out due to who they are, how old they are, or what they enjoy creating with the program (though the AR team does prefer the adult content be kept tasteful). The atmosphere here is meant to be lighthearted, fun, and educational for the sake of helping people learn to use what's already in the AR program, while also providing a way for the AR team to get suggestions on ways they might improve upon it. People looking for a harsh critique of any artwork they create, should consider forums meant specifically for the purpose of discussing the art of art.

    As far as the language being used... Well, that's a question for the AR team. If it were anything but English, I'd be unable to participate, so I guess I'm lucky.
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    Well, I admit personally that I'd prefer to receive and offer far more critical artistic feedback on this forum.

    It took me over a year to figure out that this wasn't, generally speaking, the kind of space where people looked favorably on receiving critical feedback. In my opinion, that's a shame, as I think there's a lot to be gained (both artistically and in terms of pleasure) by receiving constructive criticism.

    And Sos, I don't see why someone wanting an actually helpful critical critique should need to go somewhere else. You term it as "harsh", but there's nothing harsh in an honest, critical, constructive response to a piece of artwork shared in a public forum-- particularly if solicited. If this is indeed a forum for any user, then I don't see why that couldn't be included. Also, are there actually stated goals for the forum? I've often wondered that. It would be helpful in a discussion like this.

    Basically, I think you're right that places like CGHub seem to have more developed communities in terms of expecting and regularly providing feedback, but it's quite focused on people moving into professional applications. Deviantart is, IMO, a wasteland in terms of real conversation. Comparatively, the Artrage forums are generally frequented by "amateurs", but I don't see why an amateur wouldn't like to receive interesting, thought provoking, or challenging feedback, frankly, that has something to do with "art" and how we make it.

    What's nice is that this space is a relatively small community of posters, and that makes it a far better space to share constructive criticism than a social vacuum like Deviant art, where you don't really know anyone from Cain. Here, if I were to get or give more feedback, I would know it was a relatively safe space full of people interested in helping me paint better, rather than tearing me down. That's a good thing, and something I wish a special place like this forum took better advantage of.

    And yes, I could post things in the "Critique" forum, but it's not regularly read or commented in, and the only way to really get feedback of any regular sort is to post it in the "Gallery". This seems like a space where people seem to want to just share, and that's what it provides. Sometimes I wish that were different though.
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