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Thread: File naming issue: la Donna velata. Given to my painting.

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    File naming issue: la Donna velata. Given to my painting.

    Just curious. I didn't name my file when I created it and did not want to save it, but I pressed a save button (on the bottom, not from the pop up action sheet) and the file name La Donna Velata was the file name saved. The woman with the veil from a wiki lookup. My file was ok: Raphael painting did not appear. But this is very strange. I never heard of this painting. Perhaps some art rage ghost? (lol)
    I tried to recreate it but could not.... I was using several layers and importing photos, discovering many options.

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    It's an Easter egg. Just something they put in that's supposed to be for fun, whenever a user neglects to put in a name.
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    Cool Like random naming

    I actually like this Easter egg as I go lookup the artist or work in the name.

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