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Thread: User comparisons-- tablet pc versus desktops with Artrage?

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    User comparisons-- tablet pc versus desktops with Artrage?

    So, for those who have both, what's the comparative experience with Artrage on the two platforms?

    I've only ever used Artrage on my tablet pc-- a Lenovo x200t. My computer is a core2duo 1.6 ghz, with 8 gb ram and a ssd, and I'm sure what is considered a low-quality graphics card (a common problem with tablet pcs). It's not a bad laptop. I generally think it adequate, even when running my Cintiq 18sx off of it. However, as I've gotten the used Cintiq, I've noticed that I tend to like to paint on it more than my tablet pc, when possible. So, I'm spending a lot of time at my desk, when home in the late evenings/ early mornings with my tablet pc plugged into it. I've begun to wonder if I'd just be better served in having a desktop to go with my Cintiq-- something perhaps used, in the 300-400$ range, that might have an iCore or a quad core that can pull a lot of juice out of the wall socket.

    I like to use the Artrage watercolors, which runs slower at larger sizes (which I like to use), and as I'm aiming for print, I find that Artrage runs relatively slow if I get above 3000 x 4000 pixels with 10 layers or so, which I wouldn't mind being able to do. Stuff like Paint Tool Sai runs fine-- up to 8000 x 8000 pixels or more. But not so in Artrage. This is where it can get pretty unresponsive. Things like flipping the canvas, saving, importing images or textures, using the watercolor brush at big sizes, etc. get slow. Transforming, for example, becomes unacceptably slow to me in Artrage, whereas its a breeze in other programs like Paint Tool Sai or SBP. Anyways, I use layers, but nothing like 30+ or anything. Perhaps 10-15, which seems reasonable to me.

    Should I expect this stuff to be noticeably better on a desktop computer when running Artrage? What's the user experience like for those who use both a tablet pc and a desktop? Am I kidding myself that things will be that much smoother with a desktop, or should I really anticipate an impressive boost in performance in Artrage if I get one?
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