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Thread: Hello amigos.

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    Hello amigos.

    Hey there, most peeps call me cold for short or revolver. To each his own.
    Anyways I am currently attending college for a bachelors of science for

    game art and design and character design. All I have been realy doing is drawing and trying to find my personal style in the process, I realy have not explored digtal painting but I find artrage 2 a great tool along with photoshop.
    I also texture alot in photoshop and still developing my soft skills in that area, I mainly texture 3d models using a uvw map in 3D Studio Max.

    Anyways as soon as I become pretty decent with artrage ill scan something in and show you guys n girls. Do not expect that to be quick as I also have classes to attend and other obligations. Thank you.


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    Dec 2006


    We all look forward to seeing your work when you have something to show. But don't forget about the Work In Progress section here.

    See ya around.


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    Mar 2006
    Switzerland - AG
    Hi Cold Revolver

    Hope we see soon some work from you... i'm really interested about 3d texturing in artrage (and 3d in fact too)! Have a good start in here!


    Artrage 2.6 & Wacom Intuos 3 A5
    XP SP2

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    Jul 2006

    Look forward to seeing you around!

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