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Thread: Color palette is wonky now

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    Color palette is wonky now

    Did something happen with the saved color palette we can build ourselves? Since the last update, I can add, but deleting is a problem. It either won't delete a color, or deletes the first one in the palette versus the one I choose to delete. And also weird, when you choose to edit the palette, it only shows the X to delete on the last color. Even if you choose that one, it may just do nada. Please fix? Thanks ツ

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    Not only wonky but crashes ArtRage


    I tried to erase and had the same problems as mentionned, but worse, when I close the personal palette pop-up, ArtRage crashes, closes and my work is lost...
    Please check it as it might get lots of people in trouble!
    Best regards and thanks for such an outstanding app!!!

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    Sorry for the problem, we have resolved this is in the version we uploaded a couple of days ago and I hope it will be approved shortly for the app store.
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    You guys are awesome! I just saw the build update you posted the other day. Sorry about not checking it beforehand.
    Thanks for being so on top of things, and for a great application. I admit to being an app-hoarder, and this is my absolute favorite art app

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