Hi all,

We've been informed of some problems that have appeared in the 1.4.2 build of ArtRage for iPad and having reproduced them locally we have resolved them in our internal build and are submitting the new version for validation on the store. As soon as the new build goes live they should be resolved.

These issues include the inability to switch palette knife types and layer blend mode problems along with some swatch editing issues.

The problems arose as a result of some last minute code getting in to the live build from our internal builds - We're working on some major revisions currently and unfortunately some of them managed to sneak out before we were ready. We hope that the new build will be validated soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: The fixed build has been submitted.

For Palette Knife type selection, one thing you can do in the meantime is use Presets to set the Type: Select a preset and the knife type will be updated to whatever was stored in that preset. These presets can be used to set the different types:

1. Flat Knife: Hard out Smudge.
2. Edge Knife: Knife Edge Trail.
3. Smooth Blend: Hard out Smear.
4. Blur Blend: Instant Blur.
5. Wet Blender: Frost.

Once you have selected the preset, you can then edit the other settings in the settings panel.