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Thread: FLAME PAINTER!! Very nice & coool

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    Cool FLAME PAINTER!! Very nice & coool

    hello, Flame Painter - is a nice program for artists (more plugs on

    its so great and funny, last days ago I was buying FLAME PAINTER ... it is a nice, small program from - peter blaškovič | escape motions.

    I think you should try out also his other plugins, this are nice flash based tools, also the flame painter is also possible as an small flash-boxed-appliction, but if you want buy it, it is cheap, and with the program you have much more options and so on (the flash based tool, is like Artrage-Freeware, for try outs)!!

    On you find also much more, also other nice flash-boxed-apps, e.g. the fluid painter and so on ....

    Maybe ambientdesign should purchase/support these nice plugins, buy this all, take contact with this guy? (like sculptris => zbrush)???
    He is great, I think ... ps. the other flashplugins are nice, but in low resolution (like the flash-window only) ....

    her are an small artwork from me ... only with FLAME PAINTER
    Name:  Zwischenablage01.jpg
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