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Thread: Difference Between Stencils in Guide mode, Ruler mode or Stencil mode?

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    Question Difference Between Stencils in Guide mode, Ruler mode or Stencil mode?

    I dont really know where to post this question, so sry if I post it in the wrong category.
    Anyway, I've been wondering about the different modes in stencils and now im very curious !
    Can someone pls help me out? and if can also suggest me when to use which
    Thx, =3

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    Hi AngelLee,

    The stencils in ArtRage are pretty versatile. As the name suggests, they can be used as a stencil, but they can also be useful as a straightedge (ruler), or a frisket mask.

    Stencil Mode:

    • In this mode, the stencils are red in color and act as a type of frisket mask, allowing a user to paint over the stencil without being caught up on the edges of the stencils shape. These types of stencils are useful for blocking areas of your canvas off, so you don't color over it, and are also very good for adding textures to a painting.

    Ruler Mode:

    • In this mode, the stencils are white in color. Using a Ruler Mode stencil allows you to follow the edge of the stencil, as though it were a ruler. So if you wanted a pencil outline of a perfect circle, you could use a circle shaped stencil as a guide, to trace around its edge. A thing to note about this mode, is that it also acts as a mask, where the stencil is covering the canvas. For example, if you were to use the oil brush to trace the edge of a ruler mode stencil, the part of the paint stroke being made over the stencil would be blocked off. Useful for stencils of letters, where an outline is wanted around the edges, while keeping within the boundaries.

    Guide Mode

    • In this mode, the stencils will be a blue color. This mode is similar to the Ruler Mode, in that it made for tracing the edge of a shape. The main difference is that it doesn't mask the strokes being made, like the Ruler Mode does, allowing the color to bleed through.
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    Thank you ! very detailed xD

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