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Thread: My first WIP - illustration

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    My first WIP - illustration

    This a link to another thread where I describe my illustration method.

    This time I will try to do the same in ArtRage as I did in Painter to see if I can get a good looking illustration for one of my picture books.

    The first pictures are the sketch and the original drawing. They are made both using my Staedtler Noris Graphite 771, my favourite pencil. The lightpad I use is an Artograph A930 to copy the original from my sketch on the Canson 200 g drawing paper.

    I will be back to show the progress I make...

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    I look forward to seeing what you've got here Twagger. Thanks for putting the time aside to share!
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    Crayon and Chalk

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    This is the result so far: I used the Crayon and the Chalk tools for colouring. The drawing (multiply layering) on top of the single layer of colour. I don't like many layers, just one or two mostly. That way the illustration work is closest to "the real thing". One or two tools suits me best also, just like when I work on paper or canvas. ArtRage is not as quick and intuitive when comes to colouring as Painter. But it is close. I have to get more used to AR maybe. But the Oil Pastel tool like in Painter is what I miss in ArtRage. Crayon and Chalk is a substitute that is useful, but not as good.
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    Beautiful illustration - I like it a lot!
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