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Thread: setting up a cintiq to use artrage

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    setting up a cintiq to use artrage

    I'm trying to use my 21" cintiq with Artrage on my 24" imac, I wonder if anyone has experience of setting it up?. I think I may need to alter the screen display size as at the moment I cannot access the tools/colour in the bottom corners. Can anyone suggest anything?

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    What version of ArtRage are you using? Also, do you know what the current display resolution is for your Cintiq? The native resolution of the Cintiq is a lot higher than the minimum required by ArtRage, but it's possible that if you have your resolution set very low that the window may be getting cut off. Is it the entire bottom part of the ArtRage window that you are losing? Also, what version of OS X are you using? Once I know a little more I should be able to advise.
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