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Thread: Photoshop PSD files

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    Photoshop PSD files

    Am I correct in thinking that ArtRage preserves everything contained in a Photoshop PSD file?

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    When you import an PSD file, ArtRage imports paint, text layers and layer blending effects, layer groups and basic layer properties like opacity, name etc. Unsupported layer types such as adjustment layers are stripped. So if you export a PSD, the stripped items will not be part of the file. The original file you imported from is untouched unless you export over the top of it.
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    Great. Thanks, Dave.

    I asked because I just tried saving my current painting as a PSD, opened in PS to experiment on the background of this portrait, saved then imported the PSD back into AR and was pleasantly surprised to see everything apparently intact! I didn't use adjustment layers in PS so, judging by what you said, I suppose everything really was intact.

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