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Thread: Insta-dry questions

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    Insta-dry questions

    Enjoying using Studio pro, but I have two questions:
    First is Insta-Dry. If I lay down some paint with I-D turned on, then paint on top of that with it turned off, the previous "dry" strokes get picked up by subsequent "wet" strokes. If I were painting on real canvas I'd lay down underpaint, wait for it to dry and then paint on top of that with more strokes. Seems like this is not possible here - not at least without resorting to layers. True?
    My other question is how do I move the cleaning glass of water closer to where I'm painting so I don't have to keep traveling across the canvas to clean my brush?
    Thanks Everyone.

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    Yes that is the reason for layers. Your under painting remains dry and you can work wet on the new layer above. As far as the little glass of water to clean your brush I can't help you there. The good news is you don't have to keep filling it.

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    Welcome to the forums! When you use Insta-dry it dries that stroke. Wet media will re-wet dry media when applied over the top however, so I'd recommend using a fresh layer if you want to leave previous media undisturbed.

    While you can't move the glass of water, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to this function under Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> General. You should see a 'clean brush' option here and can add a shortcut which you can use at any time to clean the brush without having to move over to the water glass specifically. I hope this helps!
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