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Thread: Finally started after 30+ yrs. ... a daily sketchbook (iPad)

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    Finally started after 30+ yrs. ... a daily sketchbook (iPad)

    I've been meaning to do this for the past 30+ yrs. after finishing art school and FINALLY started last week ....

    I knew it would be helpful to carry a sketchbook with me to do quick random sketches as the opportunity arrises throughout the day. After school came family, busy work schedule, etc. and the sketchbook just never happened. Many of you can relate to that.
    My goal is to keep it up on a regular basis. By "Regular" I mean Daily without the added pressure to get one done EVERY day! I have to be realistic here. ;-)

    Here's a sampling from my first week. My "sketchbook" is an iPad using ArtRage app which allows me to jump between oils, watercolor and ink pen without the mess, clutter and hassle. I created two custom brushes that I use for 90% of my color sketches. Trying to keep it real simple and work fast.

    Just everyday subjects a blanket thrown on an old couch in the living room, a wicker chair in the coffee corner at the local Grocery store (free wifi spot!), and random people at the nearby Mall Food Court. Some half finished or quick scribbles before the people get up and leave. Because my day is filled with finishing refined illustrations that meet certain expectations, this is a chance to do anything I want and not feel a need to fix a disaster scribble. So... nothing earth shattering here but at least I finally started!
    Perhaps this will stoke a fire under someone to finally do the same.

    ~ Tim

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice practiced hand. I love the notion of sketching as you go about. Used to do it but with traditional media, like pen and ink, markers, pencils and an occasional wash. What a world of portability the iPad opens up to the artist. Very nicely realized.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Good for you Tim, better late than never as they say, and I think you sketches are great, welcome to the forum and looking forward to more

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    Welcome and congrats for Your masterfully executed sketches!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Nice sketchs Tim,, and welcome...with AR and your iPad you have the best "sketchbook" I could imagine and no mess!... excellent work... the art school training shows

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    Tim, I love it. You inspire me to put my ipad to more use. Great sketches!!

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    Welcome to the forums and love your sketches, they show that you have a lot of talent
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Welcome to the forum, we look forward to viewing more of your work.

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    love the style of your ipad sketches. I agree with Gary the art training really shows in these. Glad that the tech of ipad could aid in bringing the idea of a daily sketchbook to fruition. It looks as if it was always meant to be ... the idea was long overdue and welcomed with enthusiasm by your appreciative audience... us.

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    Thanks all for the encouraging responses. Still have to figure out how to go about drawing people who are unaware of what I'm doing, without staring at them. I've been taught to constantly look at the subject and only glance at the canvas. Now I need to do the opposite when sketching people in public places. :-)~ Tim

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