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Thread: Viewing members artwork

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    Viewing members artwork

    Hi, Just wondered, is there anyway that i could view a members artwork in one place? If thats not possible now could it be something that could be considered for the future? something like, view other paintings by this artist/member or something of that nature.


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    That seems to be up to the artist to make a 'dump'. It's prettier than it sounds.

    Some of the longer time users have done that, Fashmir, AgedP, Maror, Speggie, DrZellar, Weeks, Selby, Hanzz, Türköne, and some miscelaneous short series.

    Also, Heikki took people's art and made them into slideshows with music and everything. But I think he took that off.

    Maybe the ArtRagers can modify the site for that. . . like on Deviant Art, you mean.

    Cool idea.

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    We're looking into adding personal galleries for the artists, as well as doing some other modifications to the forums to help.

    This forum grew faster than we expected so we've been caught on the back foot trying to catch up with features we want to add.
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    Hi Andy,

    I just managed to cobble a list of shortcuts together, in the Gallery, but it's not the answer. It needs Thumbnails.

    I suspect that you'll have to have a "starting from now" solution.
    Perhaps with the option of members transferring all their old stuff themselves.

    As member No 25, or thereabouts, keeping up with the other 1400 has become a major task.

    For the ArtRage team it must be both thrilling and a nightmare.

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