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Thread: Canvas Question - Whole White Area

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    Canvas Question - Whole White Area


    I have a canvas question. I know you can choose the canvas type and set the size of the canvas, but I notice I can also just open the program and start painting on whatever canvas the program provides by default.

    The thing is, if I just open the program and paint, that canvas takes up the entire white area (or canvas).

    So my question is, is that a canvas that I'm painting on, or something else? Or should I always be setting a size for the canvas to set the "real" canvas which would be smaller than the whole white area? I read the manual about Canvas and it did not address what appears to be the default canvas.

    I ask because recently, I was happily painting away on this default canvas, and I somehow caught the right edge of my canvas and it moved. And I tried to put it back, but me and the "canvas" just got in a big fight and it won. My painting was wrecked. And I haven't been back to paint since. Me and this canvas issue have got to be resolved.


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    It's a canvas. When you open ArtRage the canvas is automatically set to match the dimensions of your computer screen. How you can manipulate the canvas will depend on the version of ArtRage you are using, and can be found in the manual for the program (open the program, select Help, and select ArtRage Help). The default key for returning the canvas to 100% zoom, and dead center, should be the "D" key on your keyboard, for most versions of ArtRage. Right click dragging your mouse/pen allows for movement of the canvas. Holding Shift and right click dragging will zoom in or out. Holding Ctrl (command on Macs) and right click dragging will rotate the canvas. If you're using one of the Studio ArtRage programs, you can also use the Canvas Positioner to perform these actions. Just click on the tab, with the picture of an easel on it, at the top of the screen and the Canvas Positioner will appear.
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