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Thread: Oh, look... it's a ghost!!!

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    Oh, look... it's a ghost!!!

    Hey folks. I hope to be coming back into the forum scene shortly. I have been battling Doctor crap since October and finally have a name for my medical demon, and fortunately it's not that C-word one, but a different one (Cowden's Disorder) that is very rare and genetic. 1 in 200k people end up having this... LUCKY! aren't I? My door prize is that I have a slightly elevated chance of getting certain types of C-word in areas that I have already been watching closely and taking care of. So nothing is really going to change for me. I am going to help by donating to the genetic laboratory that worked with me. Anything I can do to help them, I will. Who knows... figuring out how this works may be the key to opening the door on finding out how the really bad C word works.

    Truly, though, I am lucky as things could have been far far worse than they turned out to be. By doing all that I have and by making my family aware I may have saved the lives of my family as well as my own. I had a major surgery in January and am just now getting back to normal functionality. I won't lie, it has been a very ROUGH emotional and physical battle. I still have a few more hurdles to leap, but I see the finish line in sight. I plan on studying this disorder deeply and perhaps even make a website dedicated to helping others who are in my boat. To let them know they aren't alone in this. I refuse to let anything take me out. I won't go till I'm ready! I have a goal of getting to the triple digits in age!

    I want to thank you who sent your prayers for me, I truly believe in the power of faith and prayer. Now to get my 'rage back on and get back into the trenches with you guys.

    Be well.

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    It is good to see you Megan. So sorry about your health issues, but I am glad to read that you are on the road to wellness. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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    hi Mags good to se your up and running how's the family.......and dog's

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    Thank you for the good news. prayers and faith are amazing something we all need. good to know you got a name for the problem and that it is not the other thing. that is wonderful news. I hope and pray that you will continue getting better and better and confound even the doctors and the diagnosis. if you watch 60 minutes tonight at 7 pm pacific time one of my cousins is on there who has had major problems with them not being able to put a name to what she has and has been battling different agencies to recognize she is genuinely disabled. anyway, so very happy you are getting better and was great news to hear today. continue to get better and better.
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    Many of us are relieved, as I am in this moment...
    Now get to work soon.

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