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    Transform layer content

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if it is possible with "Transform layer content" to Skew a selection?
    I know how to scale or stretch in both directions, but needed to skew an imported object.
    Thanks in advance,


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    ArtRage doesn't have a method for skewing, unfortunately. I've seen other members asking for the feature, though, so maybe we will see it in a future update/release. Will just have to cross our figures.
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    I've a funny idea that some folk reckoned they could get the liquify filter from Photoshop to work through AR. I never really looked into it but bet someonesane can tell you for sure. He is my guru.

    Personally I tend to workaround stuff like that by exporting the layer I want to distort to another software that can do it and then importing it back into an AR layer agan after. More often than not it's DrawPlus that I use which can apply a 'mesh' with adjustable corners. This can also impart curve using bezier handles if needed. I usually import a saved jpeg( exported from AR) of the image I'm working on to put below the item to be adjusted, so I'm not working blind. Yes it is more fuss but does the job. Photoshop or a host of other image manipulation software would do just as well.

    As and when the AR team do bring layer distort in as a feature it will be a welcome addition. I'm with someonesane in guessing it may well be on the lsit as it's been mentioned in suggestions before.
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    I usually get over this by exporting the whole thing as a psd modifying it in P/S and then importing back into Artrage.

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    Thanks all. What you suggested is indeed whatI do, export the thing to Photoshop and distort it there. It would be nice all the same if we did not have to leave ArtRage and keep working there.


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    Hi Rob, I just installed Pixelmator per advice of a forum mate here. Absolutely cool filters and effects. I was able to take a painting or photograph and do just about any shape that I needed. I don't know if you might find this program helpful, but I was thrilled.

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