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Thread: Dot drawn with technical pen disappears! - iPad 3

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    Dot drawn with technical pen disappears! - iPad 3

    Gosh this is driving me mad!

    Basically I am trying to draw a perfect circle with the technical pen. I can do this, it appears on the screen, but does not show on the layer. When I switch between layers they disappear completely. Lines stay, and appear on the layer preview, only dots don't.

    Surely drawing a small circle should be easy enough!?
    I've tried saving and quitting etc, they just disappear as though I never drew them.

    Apologies if I'm being dumb... total newbie. I did search the forum!

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    See picture... notice how the pupils are visible on the main view, but not in the layer preview:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This sounds like it relates to a problem we've been discussing in another thread that we're looking in to currently. The dots aren't being written to the final layer, they are in a temporary layer used to store them until smoothing and tapering has been applied. If you close the painting, open a different one, then re-open the painting again you will see that the dots have vanished as their temporary layer has been cleaned.

    We haven't been able to replicate it here yet so there are a couple of things you might be able to try to help:

    Firstly, I see your iPad is generating memory warnings. If you close all parked applications and reboot (see here: then open up ArtRage and try repainting the dots does that help?

    Then, try turning off Smoothing and Tapering in the pen settings. Does that help?

    Could you also let us know if you are using a stylus to paint, or your finger?

    We're seeing if we can get it to happen here so that we can provide a fix, we just haven't had any luck so far.

    Update: Scratch that, just had some luck! We're looking in to it now.
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