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    Tutorial & Question


    1. I am looking for drawing tutorials.

    For example this random video

    It seems like they are just drawing very rough and then they are doing something to the picture and it looks good.

    Please explain it to me or give me some nice tutorials.

    They seem to use more than 1 layer but i can not get more information of the video, because i can not see which functions the painter is using.

    2. Is there a way to get very idealized pencils and papers like in other drawing programs?
    I want pencils and papers without any pattern like in Corel Painter/Paint etc.


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    If you want digital paint without any texture turn off the canvas lighting (via the canvas panel). This will remove the natural paint rendering and produce a completely flat, digital look. Use the precise pencil if you want a pencil that does not respect the texture of the paper, and the inking pen if you want a solid line that does likewise.
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