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Thread: Pencil Portrait

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    Love the drawing, really wonderful work

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    Thanks "silvy", I'm doing another one, but it is not a portrait, even though this one is not finished. I try to be strict with myself and finish one first but I'm going away soon and am under pressure, so all of a sudden my art is taking off when I should be doing other things. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

    Thanks "Rowena", "Weeks" and "Mule", I really appreciate your praise.
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    I keep coming back Papertree...and so much going on-I don't know if I have commented yet. If so-so what-I will comment again. Wonderful talent of this beautiful man who seems so spirited and good natured, so captured by your mark and making.

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    Papertree, this is exceptional work, really enjoy viewing, wonderful drawings, looking forward to more

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