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    I recall back in school, back in the hippie days, some book I was reading showed pictures of spider webs created by spiders who had been dosed with LSD. These webs were asymmetrical and suggested a creative door opening, as if it produced super creativity that led into abstraction.

    As I was looking at some abstract paintings, that memory floated to the surface, and what with Google and Youtube delivering the wealth of human everything, I was curious if I could find what became of those arachnid artisans. . . did they become famous. Are they now selling for millions? Well. . . drugs and artists. . . we've seen it before. . .
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    that is a crack up!..... started off very seriously like a documentary but soon revealed it true nature.. thanks D Akey for the funny!!...

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    that's a classic. thanks for the levity. it helped. okay, back to the web.

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    Oh my dear Mr Akey your sense of humour is a delight as was watching this great clip. Many thanks for the link I really enjoyed it
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