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Thread: feature suggestion - toothbrush

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    feature suggestion - toothbrush

    When I paint with real paints acrylics I often pick up a toothbrush and load it with a dark color. I then use my thumb to press down on the hairs(?) and slowly pull the thumb backwards. This results in the hairs jumping into neutral position when my thumb doesn't have pressure on them anymore. The swirping motion of the hairs are so fast that the paint can't stick to them and flys toward the canvas leaving random splats all over.

    It's a superb way of, real fast, getting texture to your acrylic paint which have a tendency to look quite flat.

    Maybe down the line AR could support a feature like this? Some settings could be: tilt, pressure, loading, height from canvas, and possible a few more.

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    I use this technique to make stars on a night sky using Acrylic paint.

    I can't imagine how you'd control the bristles as they spring back to normal though. My Tooth Brush isn't Wacom compatible yet.

    Still, if they could find a way, that would be awesome.

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    A spatter spray is a good suggestion.
    A technique with an airbrush is to place something like a folded 'V' of paper, or small wooden spatula in the way of the flow, near the nozzle and angled toward the canvas. The paint builds up slightly on the spatula before being blown off by the airbrush. This causes larger droplets to spatter against the canvas. The effect is very similar to what you describe with the toothbrush.

    We'll add it to the 'think about this' list!
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