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Thread: JBEAU_oils_portrait

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    Quote Originally Posted by shechat View Post
    Thank you jbeau for posting the stages of this wonderful work, absolutely fascinating, the hands especially are so good.
    Thank you Shechat! I've always had a fascination for hands. I spent more then a few years drawing only hands, from my own to others in action or in rest; I found it very peaceful. In this particular painting I focused on the main curves and fold in the wrist, and didn't go crazy with lots of details. I'm a believer of Robert Browning's, "Less is more". Although a subtle highlight on the thumbs cuticle wouldn't hurt either

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbeau View Post
    The guy's from Deviantart is amazing...

    Trying some techniques with Tamara Geddes Oils DVD. Her technique reminds me of this painting and that's why I picked it. I may stop and start applying it to my own work shortly.

    I'm using Rembrandt Artists - Oil Color (121).col I've also made my own custom palette based on Tamara's underpainting methods.

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    Una meraviglia Stunning work!
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