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Thread: What are the minimum specs necessary for a portable PC to handle Artrage WITH EASE?

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    What are the minimum specs necessary for a portable PC to handle Artrage WITH EASE?

    First I want to thank everyone for all their advice in my previous thread on tablet PCs. Thanks to all your knowledge, I'm getting a feeling for the market, terminology, tech information, etc... That was me going from 0 to something.. So thank you!

    I'm working toward a solution to the portable need... Here's what I'm on to now....
    All I want to do with a portable device is run artrage (with little to no lag for even large files would be ideal), and photoshop (for canvas size, printing, reformatting).

    With the Yiynova 10.1 inch tablet LCD attached to a small laptop (or some kind of portable computing brick with a battery should such a thing exist), I'm hoping to satisfy the need for on the go painting. I'd like to build it myself too. Eer..maybe not. Whatever's cheaper!.. So I'd like to hear suggestions for all the parts, or the full package.

    I don't need to play games and I don't need a disc drive, but I'd need specs that could handle artrage studio pro, no problem.

    What specs, minimum, do I need to master Artrage Studio Pro? If it could be around 500 US dollars, that would be great.. I'd probably pay upward about 800 though, in this case, but can see myself paying more depending on the need. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks guys!

    edit: Example.. This was in the netbook section. It's small and has a good battery life, among other things. What do you think?
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