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Thread: New layer problem

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    New layer problem

    Hey AR team,
    i've found a bug i think:
    When i go to fullscreen view /Enter/, and then press Ctrl+L /New layer/, and then go back to normal view - the new layer is not shown in the layers window. It's there and you can paint on it, but you can't see it, unless you make new layer in normal view.
    Steps to recreate the issue:
    1.Make new canvas /Ctrl+N/
    2.Go fullscreen /Enter/
    3.Create new layer /Ctrl+L/
    4.Go normal view /Enter/
    5.No new layer shown in the layers window
    6.Create new layer /Ctrl+L/
    7.2 layers will pop-up, the old /invisible one/ and the new one.
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    Thanks for reporting this! I've added this to oour list to look at for future updates.
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