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Thread: Salt on Watercolor

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    Salt on Watercolor

    If you do watercolor in AR3, I would like salt as well. I like the effect of adding debri to the painting, for texture. Salt has a way of creating patterns/texture.

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    this would be cool...

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    Yeah, Maybe like glitter that melts away or something.
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    yeah, that would be really great. I think it has already been suggested, actually. There are other ways too that make some interesting texture in watercolors - like waterdrops, glacerin, sponges etc.
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    Oooh! Cool with the glitter tool. . .

    As the drop hits the canvas, it generates a little fractal the amount of dissipation and nature of the fractal to be entered. Could be set to look like dropping salt into watercolor, or set to make its own designy thing creating a veritable web of intricate two dimensional geometric latticework.

    I would keep it all consistent with the surrounding color.

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