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Thread: Artrage color when print on t-shirt

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    Artrage color when print on t-shirt

    I am sending a picture of my logo and the color I want printed on a black t-shirt. When I printed out a sample and when I took it to the Printer to have the t-shirt done (DTG printing) it was a different color. I want a lime green and it was more of a leaf green. She said she could change it in a vector format. Do I have to go to another app. to do this or is there something I could change in Artrage?
    Work on pc with xp
    artrage pro. I have to have this done by next week.
    Thank you so much
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    You can only save bitmap formats from ArtRage. Talk to your printer and let them know this, they may be able to do a colour conversion on the green for you.
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    Dear pennymay,

    Your DTG printing (by typical print-house ?) colours shift is due to, probably, RGB ("any" raster file) to CMYK (printer inks) conversion. More info for this theme for you - Colour management .

    You can use Photoshop yourself to "play" with colours or much better to ask print-house to assist you.

    But she told you some strange on vector format - she can correct colours easily in raster paiting as .PNG, .JPG (not preferable), .TIFF, .BMP etc. But,in case of colour correction it would be better to send them your painting with layers as .PSD (Photoshop) file.

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    that's a really easy conversion to vector for any designer and should be for the t shirt printer too. mostly they don't want to spend time without charging extra for it. which is understandable since it is a business.

    if you know a designer they could convert your logo to vector for you in under an hour. since the logo and company name are the only freehand design elements if you gave them the fonts you used for the bottom two lines of type.

    don't forget to have them remove the stray green speck.

    a designer would charge you between 25 and 50 dollars for an hour of work.
    not sure how much the print shop would charge for the conversion probably an extra hundred. you could do it yourself if you knew how to use a vector program like Illustrator.
    as far as the color conversion you would find the colors you want them to mix in their screen printing inks since everything is done in their special formula inks that are a special acrylic formula for screen printing. they should know how to duplicate since I am pretty sure that this is not the first request they have had for a lime green color on a t shirt. just bring in a color swatch of the color you want them to mix up with their acrylics.

    your type of design here is best suited for vector art as that will give you nice crisp edges. the other way they do photographic images is with half tones made up of small dots. they still have to screen one color at a time composed of very small dots on the screen. your design would not look as good done in the more photographic way using dots. so you really need to do the vector conversion.

    If you know a graphic designer friend they could do it in less than an hour, especially since the last two lines are just fonts and fonts are already vector. and the one word is in italic so that may be an extra font within the font family. usually the printer will ask you to give them the font if they don't have it or for you to select a font that they do have.

    also you might want to consider using the same pink for the iris circles of the eyes instead of the orange color since they have to do a separate screen for each color that they screen print and they are going to charge for that extra work of making an extra screen and changing over the color.
    if you use pink then you are down to just two colors which means two screens. you would have to change the white pupil color also or another screen is involved.

    hope that helps.

    T-shirt printing is done by a screen printing process. Used to be called silk screening. The image is broken down into screens. Each screen is put into a machine that applies a substance which resists the screenprinting ink flow in certain areas and allows the flow of ink in other areas. Then they place the shirt in a frame and put some screenprinting ink on the screen. Then they force the ink through the screen with a squeegee. Each color used requires its own separate screen for that color.
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