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Thread: TIFF file specifics

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    TIFF file specifics


    I use StudioPro and am working on large canvases which I plan to submit using Tiff file format. The company I am submitting to has stipulated that

    - when saving TIFF file please deselect the color option: Embed Color Profile
    - image compression: LZW
    - pixel order: interleaved
    - Byte Order: IBM PC

    At present I flatten all layers and export my work from Artrage as a TIFF file (no save options available) and then re-open the work in Photoshop Elements ( I can't afford Photoshop) and then save it as a Tiff file again using the PSE TIFF options window to satisfy the above stipulations.

    Ideally I would just like to save my Artrage work as an Artrage tiff file but as I have no options box I am not sure how my work is saved in this TIFF file.

    Does anyone know please? I would also like to know if reopening my Artrage work in PSE and then resaving it affects the quality.

    Thanks for listening!


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    Hi Liz,

    The operating system decides on the format of tiff to save in. There is not quality loss so it can be opened and resaved in a different format by the printer if they want to. I'd recommend saving a sample tiff and sending it to them to see if that is what they are after.
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