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Thread: How big should my paintings be?

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    How big should my paintings be?

    Hi all,

    A couple of questions that you'll hopefully be able to help me with.

    What is the best dpi setting for me to use? some people say the norm is 300 dpi when others say 200dpi should be high enough.

    My second question is, If It is better to work at 300 dpi or even 200 for that matter, and i want to print my finished image at a size of say 10"X8" then my screen size needs to be 3000x2400 (at 300dpi) hope I've got that right?
    My question is, can i do anything with my pc settings to improve its performance when having to work so large?

    I have a 2.5 GHz pentium 4 processor and 512 mb of ram. Hard drive is 80gb

    Many thanks, Bejay

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    I've heard 300 dpi is industry standard. But then it really depend on the quality prints your printer can handle.

    I post most of my work at and their standard is 150 dpi for prints.

    With the right photo software all those settings are relative anyway. You can adjust the images to whatever you want or need them.

    As far as size goes I work with the biggest size I can get away with and still runs smoothly on my comp. The main trouble I have is making sure that my Security software doesn't start scanning or updating and hogging all my system resources.

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