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Thread: Introducing the ArtRage Team

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    glad to your team, hope your team will grow and fruitful.

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    Wish I could get past 1st base spend a lot of time doodling on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveRage View Post
    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I'd post to let you know who we all are at Ambient Design.

    AndyRage - Andy: The guy who wrote the technology behind the painting system for ArtRage as well as numerous other sneaky backbone tricks.

    MattRage - Matt: Matt's responsible for the curvy goodness of the ArtRage user interface as well as general interaction design. He's obsessed with bevels and drop shadows but we don't hold that against him.

    MikeRage - Mike: Mike did all the network code for Artrage, such as the ability to check for updates online, as well as the installer so that people can actually run it in the first place!

    DaveRage - Dave: That's me! I handle testing and support for ArtRage, the website and forums and various other odd jobs to keep things running smoothly. Naturally without me everything would fall apart :twisted:

    So now you know who we are. Look forward to chatting!
    How do I import content from files.
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    How do I import content from files.
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