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Thread: Introducing the ArtRage Team

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    Hello men of Rage, I am dropping by to acknowledge your ingenius software's penchant for enchanting me, motivating me and, above all, rewarding me each time I take it for a spin.

    Thanks to you, I now brush thrice a day! Good luck with future updates and with other ideas that you might be thinking of.

    Thank YOU!

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    Thanks all.
    Praise is the grease upon the rails of creativity.
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    Thank you

    Hi you guys!

    I am an artist painter and I have been painting acrylics on canvases for almost five years now. I have discovered ArtRage last week only and I just love it!!! Itís so much fun exploring all itís possibilities. And it looks like real paint too. Unbelievable! Using ArtRage helps me explore without emptying all my tubes of paint. Loll

    All the paintings I do with it will eventualy become real paintings. (At least, I hope so)There is one problem though : I am not sure that I will be able to achieve on my canvases all the beautiful effects that I can get with ArtRage. Loll

    Just by curiosity : Are you all artist painters?

    Anyway, thank you all for this wonderful software and the initiative of this forum. :wink: :P

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    Hi there! Awesome to hear you are having that much fun!

    We're not artists ( well... I'm learning outside of work and take a few classes, sketch in my free time, that sort of thing ) but we're all fairly passionate about computer graphics. It's always fantastic to see people's art and improvement on the forums here!
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    Thanks for this program. The oils are very nice and the simple setup is refreshing. Very good idea to make the tool boxes get out of the way while you're drawing. I hope ArtRage continues to be a cool, uncluttered art tool for painting and drawing.
    Thanks again.

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    A Whole Hearted THANK YOU to the ARTRAGE TEAM !!

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to develop my artwork in a user friendly and safe environment, to share with fellow artists who offer support in most generous ways and for creating a splendid new forum design, which by the way is icing on the cake.

    It is so easy to access posts now, to know the ones I responded to instantly and to respond to unread posts without losing them.

    Thank you so much for increasing the attachment size to 488.3 KB, for having easy access to thread tools and searching the thread. The display mode control is great, I really like the hybrid mode. The indepth users online is awesome. Are you sure you didn't work for the secret service. LOL .

    BRAVO for ARTRAGE. You guys obviously love what you do. My appreciation is more than you can imagine. I am always finding something new that I didn't know of.

    For the price of the program I feel like I have been completely spoiled.
    Once again you have out done yourselves.

    It's just so DARN EXCITING AND FUN.

    Sincerely, Tonysart

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    3D artist turn on by artrage

    Hello and thanks for a great program. I do much of my art in 3D and miss doing 2D art for a long time, over 10 years ago. Not having to deal with tubes of oil and brushes and the cleanup is so nice on the pocket book and time.

    I have tried photoshop and other painting program, but this has the most natural feel and I am going to include it as my decal painting of my 3D object with this. I started to search for something like this for comic book project and storyboarding process. At $25 for the program just knock my socks off, except I can afford to keep my socks.

    I have already found this program as essential for concept design of my 3D work.

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    Thanks For Artrage

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    Smile Hi to everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and I would like to greet you all...hope you will check my paintings. Salut

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    Newbie EEEKS

    First off I am ditz, blond gone grey so speak slow lol. I have just received this as a gift, I am a paintshop addict and was told I would love this artrage. Is there beginner tutorials so I can get a jist of what its about. thanks so much

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