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Thread: Types of custom palettes?

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    Types of custom palettes?

    I am brand new to ArtRage. I just purchased ArtRage 3 Studio Pro, which I am running on Windows 7. I still have lots of tutorials to go through.

    Browsing the forum postings, it seems that there are two different types of custom palettes. One is a .COL file, and the other is a .PNG file.

    What are their differences and respective advantages, and are the two types usable on any version of ArtRage?

    I skimmed the online help, and, under palettes, there was no mention of the .COL and .PNG file types.

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    No problem, here are the differences. These files are for two separate things, color pickers and color samples.

    Custom color pickers are stored as image files e.g png. A custom picker just replaces the colour picker at the bottom right corner of the ArtRage window with an image of your choice you can then pick colors from as you would with the normal color picker. You can find more detailed info on page 67 of the manual.

    Color samples use .col files if you want to save them out for later use / load sample sets provided by other users. Color samples are sets of specific colours you can save to instantly select by clicking on them. To access color samples, click the 'samples' pod just to the left of the colour picker. If you have downloaded a .col file, you can load it via the menu button in the colour samples panel. You can find more information on color samples on page 69 of the manual.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.
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