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Thread: Seascapes

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    Icarai and Boa Viagem Beach... were I live.
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    both beautiful and make me long for the sea! I can nearly hear its swooshing and shushing as I look at these.
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    So beautifully done Oriane. Your use of colors is a joy to see.
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    I like them both, lovely brushwork and strong colours.

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    Like the colors and brushstrokes!

    Wonderful sea scrapes !

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    bold and rough.. color bright and jewel like...excellent painting !

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    Hi Lima, many years ago I lived for a while in Fuenterrabía (país Vasco), and walked the beaches and the light as I remember it looked just as you have painted it on the sea and on the rocks in Icarai ...
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    These are both so beautiful...bold and strong. Fabulous!

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    This website software is like my former mother-in-law. . . she would throw away important stuff when I had my back turned. I divorced her daughter and the lovely lady herself died sometime back, yet I'm still not far enough away from her apparently. I think she may be the ghost in the machine that lives here at ArtRage. She continues shredding things before I even get to post it. I have learned to copy my posts to the copy buffer before pressing [Post], but I did not do that this time. . . and she snuck up and snatched it away into the void. . . but I digress. . .

    Right. Dr Lima. . . to recover what I was getting at, I was saying looking at your work is like being on tour with one of the grand Impressionist painters. It would be very hard to not grab for my paints whenever I come into contact with you. Your good health sir!

    Both pictures are wonderful in different ways. I like the colorful one that sparkles with sunlight and colors where the strokes and adjacent colors are very dynamic -- a dazzle for the senses.

    I also very much like the elegance more monochromatic one with the Spire rising out of the water for the way it captures that moist coastal atmosphere. You have a lot of marks at play, but they seem to fit closer together in value and temperature. . . not unlike what I experience from that kind of weather. Love the saturated accents. Makes it feel aglow.

    Very fine work!! Bravo! I can tell by your work that you are indeed painting again. . . and again and more and joyfully.

    If your environment is half as beautiful as you paint it, you are in a painter's haven.
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    Thank You for sharing this couple of new marvels, dear Oriane. Your re-interpretation of impressionism with built-in feelings and Your chromatic wealth are stunning as ever!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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