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Thread: Scripting bug? How to speed up script playback?

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    Scripting bug? How to speed up script playback?

    Wondrous Ones,
    I have been searching for this for a few hours, but have not been able to find an answer.

    There are actually a few questions here:

    1. How do I (Super) speed a script along. Is this possible? I know I can 'accelerate playback' with the check mark, but I want to make it REALLY fast.
    My script file took days to make, and is over 250 mb.

    2. When my monster script finally finishes after a few hours, my painting is not what it is in the original. I lose a ton of stuff. Actually, whole layers. I also get strange blops and splotches of colors that I definitely never painted in the original.
    What is up with this? Is ArtRage mad because my script file is so huge?

    Also note: I do not know how to change script files or program.

    Thank You!
    Christine Marsh

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    Sorry to hear about the problem. If you zip the script up, what size does it come out as? We'd like to take a look at it to see if we can find out what happened, so if it's smaller than 10mb or so (you may be surprised by how small it goes!) you can email it to us ( and we can take a look. Otherwise, let me know the size and we can see if we can arrange an alternative.

    Regarding accelerating: There isn't a way currently to speed it up over the standard accelerated mode. That's something we have noted to look in to.
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