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Thread: Contemplation

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    Smile Contemplation

    a few days ago I got some time to paint, and that's what I came up with ...
    it took quite a long time to finish, but I had fun creating this "mandala"
    it was very relaxing although it was a lot of work

    done entirely with sticker sprays (mostly my own ones), paint tube (for the base circles), and some strokes with the paint roller tool for the background.

    each circle was created from start to finish - first the paint tube circle (two of them to be accurate, to get rid of the "dark blob" which shows up when lifting the paint tube tool), then various sticker sprays. then I changed colour/size of the tools and proceeded with the next circle, trying to get the same results by remembering the sticker spray presets I used before

    finally I used the "Sphere String" default sticker spray with spray rate set to zero to place every single "pearl" by hand, changing colours on the way

    I like how the circles change from being "comic style" (largest circle) to rather porcelain looking ones in the end.

    the original file looks much more crisp than the .jpg I am posting here, but I hope you like it nevertheless

    [click to enlarge]
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That is really beautiful! I love mandalas. Every year the local Tibetan buddhist monks would make them in sand and the sweep them to show the impermanence of all things.

    It's my desktop!

    Thanks you!

    In peace

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    I think its great, and I do agree with you about the porcelain look of the inner circles,well done,you have lots of patience as well as artistic skill.....Jack.
    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    An islamic-like type of art ... Fantastic!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    I would say Islamic-Maya_like Ceasar

    Great job MSIE.



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    Phenomenal. Really amazing craftsmanship. And it looks wonderful. It emanates and radiates out. Also noteworthy to me is how it looks like antique carved ivory toward the center and gets more modern feeling, a cross between pop graphic art and precious metal, as it nears the edge.

    I find it hard to take in all the detail at once so I switch my focus between examining details and then sort of taking it all in as a whole, and then back to the details. And the impression is decidedly different for each way of looking at it.

    Very, very cool. Like a tooled piece of ornamental jewelry.
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    Very hipnotic. Nicely done.

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    6,177 what a very special has so many great qualities as the others have noted... quite exceptional..!.

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    Gosh it never even occurred to me to try a mandala with artrage. What a clever and beautiful idea you followed
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    Wonderful idea and wonderful effect
    Very laborious as you said, but the result is perfect. Cool
    Silvia Bandini

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