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Thread: Pillars of Zen

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    Pillars of Zen

    inspired by a book on my self...
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    ... did you mean "shelf" ... a telling slip of the mouse ...
    ... if East is meeting West, this could be Stonehenge, too ... "Thoughts without a Thinker" ...
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    I tink zat I get you now and Zen. Yah, dat's vot I tink. Interestink idea. Not my favorite use of color, but zat's a personal preference.

    And that's the truth. Some people might like it. To me, the transitioning from a lukewarm beige to beige with an odd green cast feels like the colors were over mixed into total neutrality. Neat idea but to me it's rather lifeless.

    And I don't know if you want to allude to Anime while contemplating your Zen, but, the black outline and simple semi-flat floating shapes makes this feel like a Japanese animation acetate cell kind of theme back in the pre-digital age.

    Interesting idea. But to me it's devoid of volition. And I need a little more presence in my art.

    Visually it's the antithesis of your other very dynamic pictures of late. Sorry for the comment.
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    This one is so cool Gxhpainter

    You should paint it for real !



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    chinapete... yes a telling slip of the mouse....

    D Akey.. thanks for your frank appraisal of this... always appreciated... I think I might have more work on this theme...guess my color compass got a little off.. never fear I will find my way back. (later edit ) I was not sure what you meant by the Anime cell references so I looked at some and now I get it.. the flat colors...and black edging that was totally unintentional.. was I was attempting although maybe not quite a success was a kind of digital pour and stain effect but then headed off with the roller and well you know the rest of the story.. The title is from the book titled "Three Pillars of Zen" by Roshi Phillip Kapleau..

    Weeks.. really ? you must check your taste in colors... thanks I am glad you like this... I am thinking I would like to explore this set of simple shapes and see what other things might come from it..
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